Behind The Process

It’s A Process is a personal blog written by David Harkins, who endeavors to make sense of the chaos around him with the thoughtful telling of life stories in what he hopes to be an engaging and sometimes humorous manner. Occasionally, some fiction, and a little poetry land on these pages.


As a young man, he perfected the art of chasing shiny things and once on his own; he fell into a successful career leading marketing and organizational change for companies both small and large.  If you are interested in this side of his life, check out his full bio on his website at or his entrepreneurial blog at

These days he’s either trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up or looking for the person he lost somewhere between the 8-year-old who spent an hour hanging only by his watch band and the man he now looks at in the mirror every morning.

Whatever the outcome, it’s a process.


This is a personal blog. The opinions and views expressed here are solely those of David L. Harkins and do not represent any organization with which he is affiliated or support, nor any company for which he may be employed or with which he may consult.